Releases Alter Ego Progressive

AEP277 : Hanski - Sirens


We welcome back a man who is no stranger to Alter Ego and who has been a regular on both the main label and progressive label for many years. Jamie...

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AEP276 : Ander One - Moments / Sense


Next up on Alter Ego Progressive is Ukrainian based new boy Andrii Salishchev aka Amber One with an outstanding debut EP with “Moments / Sense”...

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AEP275 : ARChima - Skyfall EP


We welcome and completely fresh new talent to the Progressive label. We pride ourselves on finding the best in fresh talent and we have a gem for you...

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AEP274 : Keywork - Imagine / Apollo


Making his solo debut on the Progressive imprint is label regular Zsolt Rocska aka Keywork with his debut double header with “Imagine / Apollo”...

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AEP273 : Kajis & Blaumar - Hailey


Providing the treasure for release 273 on Alter Ego Progressive are Finnish based duo Sami Huttunen & Jon-Peter Andersson better known as Kajis &...

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AEP272 : Firas Tarhini - Fuego


Alter Ego Progressive welcomes Australian new boy Firas Tarhini with his debut release “Fuego” for release 272. A charismatic and dreamy...

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AEP271 : Alex Byrka X Breame & Jack Vath - Titania


We welcome an exciting new trio of talents the label with Jozsef Horvath, Chris Breame & Alexander Byrka aka Alex Byrka X Breame & Jack Vath with...

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AEP270 : Flowstate - Ephemeral


Another newcomer to the label is US based Daniel Nelson aka Flowstate with an outstanding second solo single completing release 270 with...

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AEP269 : Altran - Ferris Wheel / Siberia


Russian new boy to the label Altran takes hold of the controls with his second release on the Progressive imprint and double header at that for...

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