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AEP306 : Bedroom Logic & Jeff Ozmits - Inscape



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AEP305 : Lukas Wieteszka - Hawaii


Next up on Alter Ego Progressive we have young fresh talent Lukas Wieteszka with his second release on the progressive label for release 305. Opening...

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AEP304 : Les - Conspiracy


A man who is no stranger to Alter Ego is Ukraine producer Lisovenko Vladymyr aka Les and he is back with his latest progressive wonder 'Conspiracy'...

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AEP303 : Paul M - Bacata


Providing a treasure of a track for release 303 on Alter Ego Progressive is US based new boy Paul M with his stunning debut track...

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AEP302 : Liam Melly - Can I / Afterlife


Hot off the back of his first release on the label we welcome back a completely new name to the progressive label Liam Melly with this stunning...

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AEP301 : Jackob Roenald pres RENALD - Her Eyes


Alter Ego Progressive welcomes Polish new boy Jakub Sarnocinski aka Jackob Roenald with his debut release 'Her Eyes' for release 301. A charismatic...

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AEP300 : Michael Fearon - Mantra


We welcome UK based producer Michael Fearon to help us celebrate our 300th release on the progressive imprint with the amazing 'Mantra'. Michael is...

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AEP299 : Soren Andrews with Sovve - The Wave


We welcome US newcomer Soren Andrews teaming up with Sovve with their debut release and truly remarkably refreshing little number with 'The Wave' on...

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AEP298 : Hyypr - You Are Alive / Amsterdam


Providing the treasures for release 298 on Alter Ego Progressive is USA newcomers Michael Joseph and Michael Dear better know as Hyypr, with their...

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