Releases Alter Ego Progressive

AEP322 : Khievo - Inspire


Providing the treasures for release 322 on Alter Ego Progressive is Ukranian newcomer Faminskyi Yaroslav better know as Khievo, with his debut...

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AEP321 : ARChima - The Oracle EP


We welcome back ARChima to the Progressive label. His debut EP out last year was a perfect blend of Progressive / Deep house and this third EP from...

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AEP320 : Euphoric Nation - Sonic


Providing the treasures for release 320 on Alter Ego Progressive is USA newcomers Donald Ortega & Justin Zanish better know as Euphoric Nation, with...

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AEP319 : Chris Farish - Elements


We welcome another new and exciting talent to surface out of Poland, Krzysztof Farasiewicz also known as Chris Farish, with his second track...

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AEP318 : Dark Echo - Mojave


Providing a treasure of a track for release 318 on Alter Ego Progressive is from label new boys Alexey Polozok & Quinn Robinson aka Dark Echo with...

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AEP317 : Michael Fearon feat Jennifer K - Losing My Way


We welcome back UK based producer Michael Fearon this time teaming up with the stunning voice that is Jennifer K bringing us his first vocal...

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AEP316 : Tatana - Polarity


We welcome and fresh new name and talent to the progressive imprint. We welcome swiss based wonder women Tatana Sterbova aka Tatana with the...

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AEP315 : Paul M - Vimare


Providing a treasure of a track for release 315 on Alter Ego Progressive is US based new boy Paul M with his stunning second track...

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AEP314 : Taglo - Better Late Than Never / Late Nights


We welcome back Robert Bregnsdal aka Taglo with his very dark and moody double header 'Better Late Than Never / Last Nights' on Alter Ego Progressive...

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