Releases Alter Ego Progressive

AEP352 : HyperPhysics - Full Moon


Providing a treasure of a track for release 352 on Alter Ego Progressive is Spanish label regular Ivan Manzano Lamazares aka HyperPhysics this time...

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AEP351 : Jon Bourne - Dark Light


We welcome back Jon Bourne for another outstanding release providing the treasure for release 351 with 'Dark Light' and his first release of 2019 on...

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AEP349 : Aymon - Dismal / Parlous


We welcome back Russian producer Mikhail Solovov aka Aymon with his second release and truly remarkably refreshing double header with 'Dismal /...

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AEP348 : Kepik, Mahaputra - Awakening / Deep Space Remix


Michael Fearon is a name that is no stranger to the label takes two of our past progressive release and puts his own spin on them for release 348 on...

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AEP347 : Kajis feat Ylona - Bodyswing


Providing the treasure for release 347 on Alter Ego Progressive are Finnish based producer Sami Huttunen teaming up with the amazing vocals of Ilona...

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AEP346 : Soren Andrews With Sovve - Still Here


We welcome back our new wonder boy Soren Andrews teaming up with Sovve again with their third release and truly remarkably refreshing little number...

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AEP345 : Michael Rehulka - A Tribute To...


Michael Rehulka is a name that everyone knows, and at some point everyone would of heard one of his wonderful productions. Sadly on the 14th of...

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AEP344 : Darkmind - Perception


Providing the treasures for release 344 on Alter Ego Progressive is Swiss producers Darkmind, with their second release 'Perception'. 'Perception'...

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AEP343 : Warriors of Cheese - Tavistock


Alter Ego Progressive welcomes back UK based Ryan K this time under the completely new alias Warriors Of Cheese with his debut release 'Tavistock'...

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