Releases Alter Ego Progressive

AEP298 : Hyypr - You Are Alive / Amsterdam


Providing the treasures for release 298 on Alter Ego Progressive is USA newcomers Michael Joseph and Michael Dear better know as Hyypr, with their...

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AEP297 : 8 P.M - My Heart Is Broken


Making their first appearance on the label is Russian progressive artist 8 P.M serving up a melodic masterstroke with “My Heart Is Broken” on our...

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AEP296 : Irdi - The Light / For You


Next up on our Progressive line we have a refreshing double header all the way from the Russian by another regular artist to the label 'Irdi',...

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AEP295 : 4 eYe - Midiscape


We welcome back one of our finest label regulars, Erik Suscenko aka 4 eYe serving up a chunky number for release 295 on the progressive imprint,...

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AEP294 : Soulfest - Third Ten


We welcome another new and exciting talent to surface out of Belarus, Andrei Lisouski also known as Soulfest, with his debut track “Third Ten”....

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AEP293 : Josa & Nuestro - Magnum


Alter Ego Progressive welcomes back Polish duo Michal Klimas & Jaroslaw Bednarski aka Nuestro this time teaming up with US based Joseph Joel Sanchez...

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AEP292 : Ander One - Boom / Opinion


Making a welcome return back to the Progressive Imprint is Ukrainian based new boy Andrii Salishchev aka Amber One with an outstanding second EP with...

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AEP291 : Liam & DRL - Maybe / Red Mist


We welcome a completely new UK based duo to the progressive label Liam Melly & Daryl Doherty aka Liam & DRL with this stunning double header “Maybe...

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AEP290 : July Eden - Zerzura


Alter Ego Progressive welcomes back UK based producer Alex Bailey aka July Eden with his second release “Zerzura” and what a track this is bring...

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