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INOV058 : Miroslav Vrlik & Hydro Poison - Symphony EP


Turning the word symphony on its head are Miroslav Vrlik and Hydro Poison with their crafty Sky & Sea symphonies for The Symphony EP which claims...

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INOV057 : Scott Lowe & High Definition vs Hiddenagenda - Eivissa


Eivissa is the harvest of a four man tug of war with Scott Lowe & High Definition vs Hiddenagenda all locking horns in the studio and flexing their...

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INOV056 : Avii - Mainstage


Next up on Inov8 Recordings is a new single from Israel, courtesy of Avi with the aptly named title, Mainstage for release fifty-six! Huge beats...

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INOV055 : Gabriel Batz - Villanueva


Canadian producer Gabriel Batz makes his return to the Alter Ego Music family after nearly four years of absence! Coming back with a new sound is...

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INOV054 : Two & One - See Your Smile


One of the finest melodies that you will hear this year.. Inov8 stands at the grass roots of Alter Ego Music where we find fresh, exciting and...

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INOV053 : M.D.K - Mustang / Canossie


Another debutant makes his mark on our Inov8 imprint with a fantastically well rounded double A side! Polish producer M.D.K takes a bow with Mustang...

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INOV052 : Pizz@dox - Checkmate


Pizz@dox opens his account on Inov8 with the very boisterous Checkmate, providing some real dance floor ammunition for release fifty-two! With...

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INOV051 : Jimmy Chou & Michael L pres Jcml - Reunited


Inov8 is back and back with a bang! We welcome more new blood to our roster with the Canadian duo Jimmy Chou & Michael L who present their JCML guise...

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INOV050 : Orbion - Epopee


Orbion makes a return with his latest musical confession, Epopee! The Ukraine lands the milestone gold medal for the 50th release on Inov8...

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