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AMR011 : Richard Butler - Got A Light?


Amenta is back with a late summer release from British producer Richard Butler with his very catchy debut release 'Got A Light?'. Two very clever...

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AMR010 : Corry & Michael Mikhjian - What The Dub / Stutter


Mike Mikhjian gives us his first release this year with a slightly more housey feel than his normal stuff with 'What The Dub' Corry's debut on...

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AMR009 : Thomas Feijk Pres. Superanimal - Just Kidding


Amenta Records latest signing comes from a talented Finnish producer called Thomas Feijk. Presenting his Superanimal guise, Just Kidding is a groovy...

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AMR008 : Probspot Pres. Zinfandel - Abydos


Probspot joins Amenta with this smooth and perfectly crafted progressive house number. A plucky melody floats effortlessly across the sultry bass...

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AMR007 : Gabriel Lukosz - Short Lived Thrills


Gabriel Lukosz and Amenta Records present Short Lived Thrills. A stunning electro house belter of a release with a groove that you can't help but...

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AMR006 : Zachary Zamarripa - Strike A Chord


Newcomer Zachary Zamarripa joins Amenta Records with the amazing sounds of Strike A Chord. An electro influenced progressive production with a...

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AMR005 : Tenthu - Love By Design


Russia's finest Tenthu unveils his new sound to Amenta Records and serves up this progressive monster. Tenthu well known for his full on trance...

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AMR004 : Marcus Schössow - Clicky


Mr. White himself Marcus Schssow, a name highly acclaimed in the last year with his productions like 'Moog Me' on Global Underground and 'Mr. White'...

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AMR003 : Matt Rowan - Dish It Out


Australian producer Matt Rowan, a name highly acclaimed in the last year with his production partner Jaytech, joins Amenta Records with a solo...

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