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AE309 : Jan Miller - Mandala


Jan Miller is back in his home with another piece of magic in 'Mandala'. There's a dark driving undertone in this track with its gritty bass line and...

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AE308 : Dmitry Belokrinitsky - Lights & Magic


We have plenty of 'Lights & Magic' for release 308. Dmitry Belokrinitsky is back with another summer time vibe, all round happy feeling Trance. His...

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AE307 : Ula - Re Zero


Next up on Alter Ego Records is Ula with his brand new track 'Re Zero'. A beautifully crafted uplifting piece of wonder for the perfect Trance...

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AE306 : HyperPhysics - Shaula


HyperPhysics joins the ranks at Alter Ego with this stunning debut track 'Shaula'. It's a real vibrant affair with bags of energy from a swelling...

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AE305 : Anden State - Zulu


Alter Ego Records welcomes back Hungarian based producer Anden State serving up his first offering of 2018 and seventh release with Alter Ego Records...

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AE304 : Moein Sanjary & A.R.M.I.N - Good Old Days


For our next release, AE304, we have Moein Sanjary & A.R.M.I.N - 'Good Old Days'. The vibe of this track is incredibly warm from it's deep bass and...

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AE303 : Navid N2M & DJ Xquizit - Be Yourself


Navid N2M & DJ Xquizit open their account with Alter Ego in stunning fashion. Uplifting is the theme with this warm driving beauty. Acids, soft...

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AE302 : Solewaas - Shining From Blue


Solewaas is back on Alter Ego with this energy packed, groove filled uplifting Trance. The bass line has an electro style sound giving quite a funky...

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AE301 : South Of The Stars - New Dawn


South of The Stars debut on Alter Ego Records with an absolutely stunning track. It's really chunky bass line, slick percussion and beautiful...

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