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AE377 : Adam Taylor - Unspoken Existence


UK talent Adam Taylor is back with another sure fire Trance beauty. Unspoken Existence is chunky and drives towards the breakdown with pace, a deep...

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AE376 : Soarsonic - The Bliss / Heartache


Soarsonic is back with a new EP of uplifting Trance and we are buzzing. The Bliss is up first and has a deep driving mood, intricate arps and soft...

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AE375 : Sam Stroke & Isaac Fisherman Pres. Massif - Frontseat 2019


Giving a main label classic an up to date 2019 remix is label regular Haris C with an amazing take on the original, bringing it right up to date and...

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AE374 : Event Horizon - Sea Sand


We welcome Russian newcomer Irshat Abdullin aka Event Horizon with his debut release on the main label with 'Sea Sand' bring in release 374. On remix...

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AE373 : Miikka Leinonen - Android Ballet


Miikka is back on his home label with his brand new creation, Android Ballet. It's chunky and funky from the start with big bass lines, big power...

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AE372 : Aimoon - Ineffable Feeling


We welcome Aimoon to the label group with his brand new smash hit 'Ineffable Feeling'. It's full on uplifting Trance and has a real energetic...

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AE371 : Haris C - We Are One / Point Zero


Haris C is back with a fresh uplifting EP merging the sound of old and new for two blistering tracks. We Are You has Haris's signature sounds of...

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AE370 : D-Clips & Rob Curtis pres Digital Knights - Icarus


UK duo Digital Knights join the team with this stunning debut, Icarus. An absolute treat from the very talented producers. A cleverly made piece...

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AE369 : Adam Taylor - Primal Senses


Adam Taylor is another UK talent we've got on board and his debut with us is absolutely brilliant. The track is full of energy and warmth from the...

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