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TA127 : Fisical Project & Gonzalo Bam - Total Destruction


'Total Destruction' is the newest piece of work for Tangled coming from label regular Fisical Project and his buddy Gonzalo Bam. This provides...

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TA126 : Kiyoi & Eky - Ginza / Humanity


Kiyoi & Eky always step up the game with their style of raw Trance and this EP is nothing but class. 'Ginza' is raw but has a certain beauty. The...

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TA125 : Tuomas.L - Shock Therapy


After the success of his last track on Tangled, Tuomas.L brings this pounding beast to the table. Full of acids, sinister vocals and a monster kick...

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TA124 : Haris C - Indigo


Haris C is definitely a favourite at Tangled Audio and he's back with another absolute beast of a track. This Psy infused monster chugs along with a...

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TA123 : Smith & Brown - Flesheater


Smith & Brown debut on Tangled Audio with a dark beast that is 'Flesheater'. This is pounding to say the least and it chugs along with a fierce...

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TA122 : Stefano Brigati - Conquistador


Stefano Brigati is back on Tangled Audio with this banging uplifter. The Italian producer has cooked up a monster full of drive and power. The kick...

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TA121 : Northern Trace - Aurora Borealis


Northern Trace is a trance producing duo formed by Anton van Sprundel and Björn de Haan and we welcome them with this wonderful track for their...

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TA120 : Accelerator & S.O.C - The Beginning / Acid Hammer


For TA120 we have a blistering debut from Accelerator & S.O.C. with a stunning EP. 'The Beginning' is up first and this is a pounding track with its...

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TA119 : Kiyoi & Eky - Omega


Kiyoi & Eky are welcomed with open arms with their new track 'Omega'. Tech trance at its finest. Well crafted percussion and bass flow with a...

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