Joni Ljungqvist born in 1987 in the south part of Sweden started making music at the age of 12. Finding out later that electronic dance music was his passion, he quickly got his hands on ReBirth and started making his own tracks. Doing this for five years and at the same time evolving as a musician, his music started to get noticed more and more. It wasn't until the summer of 2004, when Joni at the age of 16 made a collaboration with Norwegian DJ and producer Terje Bakke lead to him signing his first production.

Markus Schulz picked up their tune, called 'Fanatic' for the Electronic Elements label, part of Armada. 'Fanatic' was released on the Coldharbour Selections 3 vinyl.

Since then Joni has released a massive repertoire of singles covering the genres of Trance through to Progressive. These tracks have been released under a variety of aliases such as JPL, Ljungqvist, LNQ, A Boy Called Joni, External Art, Illustrator and Dauntless.

Joni's success has seen his productions or remixes land spots on compilations Like Tiƫstos "In Search of Sunrise 4 & 5", Ferry Corstens "Passport: Kingdom of The Netherlands", Markus Schulz "Miami '05", Phynns "In Trance We Trust 11" and Pedro Del Mar & Dj Shahs "Mellomania 4 & 6" among others.

We think Joni is one of Sweden's best exports :-)