Fisical Project is a young Spanish Producer born in Granada. He found that electronic music was a true way of expressing his most deep feelings, and it was in 2010 when he begun to discover that his true passion resided in Trance music. In 2013 he started crafting his own sounds and as he progressed, becoming more proficient and confident which led him to enter one of Armada's renowned music contests. The hard work was paying off as he achieved a top 40 spot which gave him strength and determination to keep producing and developing his craft as a Trance artist. Although he had released a limited amount of tracks on smaller labels, it wasn't until 26th of May 2014 when he found his feet, releasing a track called 'Rising Star', together with the help of San Lopez.

During the years the young man from Granada has been trying different sounds and getting support from famous international DJ's such as Paul van Dyk, Alex Morph, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sied Van Riel, Mike Push, Jordan Suckley, DJ Feel, Mark Sherry, Roger Shah, John Askew, Heavens Gate, Roman Messer, Johan Ekman, Manuel Le Saux.

And now with tracks signed on Black Hole, Suanda Music, Discover Digital, Alter Ego Records, Tangled Audio & many more! His breakthrough had yet to come, until he signed his collaboration with The Avains called 'El Collabro' with Rielism, the record label of Sied Van Riel. As Rielism is a sub label of BlackHole Recordings, this presented the opportunity for the track to be included in the coveted Rielism Vol 4 Compilation.

Other successful ventures Fisical Project was involved in included, #3 in Kiss Fm Ukraine charts with 'Temptation' (a collaboration with Oldfix). He also Achieved a brilliant 7.5 rating in a prestigious Dj Mag Review of 'Total Destruction' which was out on Tangled Audio. To add to this he was voted in at #186 best Trance DJ in the Trance Podium 2017 rankings.