Only just few artist are able to present an original and unique style, which could take their musical experience to the next level.Finding the right note, and the right sample isn't everything to make magical moments for people.Trying new ideas, new ways, is a good way for expanding the creativity, to take the musical experience to the next level.

In the last few years he brought some remarkable moments to the electronic dance music fans, his smooth tracks with blissful and emotional melodies carve his trademark into the ever-growing genre of Electronic Dance Music. He carried away the listeners with his unique style and diversity, step by step he build up his unique remix projects like the "Sunrise At 5 A.M." and the "Malibu Beach" remix series. Catchy melody, smooth and clear drums with a devastating bassline and with a melancholic piano influence, this is the characteristic of his unusual but immersive style. He brought impressive songs and remixes, these differences makes him different and unique in what his doing.

The story does not end there, wherever performing his energetic, emotional, powerfull and unique DJ sets he catch the crowds, doesn't matter how big is the venue. He is a true perfectionist, he pay attention on every little detail in the front of crowds, which has not gone unnoticed by his fans. In the last few years he was invited for guest mixing in several radio shows, but the most important it was in 2011 when he was invited by Andy Duguid for a guest mix on his "After Dark Sessions" radio show.

The story continues, he is prepared for the new year, with new ideas, with passion and love, to take his musical art to the next level.